Constitution and functions of the Statistics User Group

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The text below is an extraction from the ‘Statistics and Census (Jersey) Law 2018.

Constitution of Statistics Users Group

(1)     There is to be a Statistics Users Group consisting of a Chairman and no fewer than 6 and no more than 10 individuals appointed by the Minister.

(2)     At least 2 weeks before making an appointment or re-appointment under this Article, the Minister must present to the States a notice of intention to make the appointment or re-appointment.

(3)     The persons appointed under this Article –

(a)     hold office for a term of 3 years, and on expiry of any such term be eligible for re-appointment subject to serving a maximum of 3 terms;

(b)     hold and vacate office in accordance with the terms and conditions of their appointment.

(4)     The appointments made under this Article must, so far as is reasonably practicable, reflect –

(a)     a variety of organisations interested in statistics; and

(b)     the diversity of the general public.

(5)     If a person appointed under this Article leaves office before the expiry of his or her term of appointment the Minister may appoint a person to complete the remainder of that term.

(6)     Subject to this Article the Group may determine its own procedure, including when and how frequently it meets.

(7)     The Chairman presides over all meetings of the Group but in his or her absence another member may preside.

(8)     The Chief Statistician is the secretary to the Group and must attend each meeting of the Group but in an advisory capacity only.

Functions of Statistics Users Group

(1)     The Group is independent of government and has the primary function of overseeing the quality, relevance and integrity of statistics compiled by or on behalf of a public authority.

(2)     The terms of reference of the Group are –

(a)     having taken such expert advice as the Group considers appropriate and having regard to the resources available to the Group, to review and comment upon any statistics compiled by or on behalf of a public authority, with respect to the matters set out in paragraph (3);

(b)     to promote the standards for official statistics set out in Article 11; and

(c)     to make such recommendations to the Minister as the Group considers appropriate.

(3)     The matters are –

(a)     the range of statistics provided;

(b)     the relevance and appropriateness of the statistics to the purposes for which they are used;

(c)     the demands placed upon providers of information, whether it be provided on a voluntary or compulsory basis;

(d)     the confidentiality of information concerning individuals and businesses;

(e)     the methodology by which those statistics are compiled and their resultant accuracy and reliability;

(f)      the independence of the compilation and dissemination process from political or other inappropriate influence; and

(g)     the form and procedures through which statistical information is disseminated.

(4)     The Group must publish –

(a)     a Code of Practice for official statistics in Jersey including any revisions of the code;

(b)     a publication schedule each year;

(c)     a 5-yearly programme of statistics; and

(d)     the minutes of its meetings.

(5)     The Chief Statistician must provide the Group with such secretarial and clerical assistance as is necessary for the effective performance of its functions.

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