About the Statistics Users Group

The Statistics Users Group (SUG) is an independent body established in 1999. The constitution and functions of the group are set out in the Statistics and Census (Jersey) Law 2018.
The primary role of the Statistics Users Group is to oversee the quality, relevance and integrity of the statistics compiled by or on behalf of a public authority as defined under the Freedom of Information (Jersey) Law 2011.
Read the constitution and functions of SUG in the Statistics and Census (Jersey) Law 2018.
The SUG works with Statistics Jersey and the designated Chief Statistician to oversee the annual publication schedule and production of official statistics. The SUG will also aim to engage with statistics users and a broader range of public authorities going forward.

Codes of Practice​

The Statistics User Group (SUG) has created two ‘Codes of Practice’.
Code of practice 1 – Statistics produced by Public Authorities
Code of practice 2 – Official Statistics in Jersey

The aim of both codes is to set out the standards expected, along with explaining the importance of impartiality and quality.
Off-site link: Code of Practice for Statistics (Edition 1.0 October 2018)
Off-site link: Code of Practice for Official Statistics (Edition 2.0 October 2018)

The principles and protocols of the Codes of Practice are intended to ensure that all statistics comply with the following requirements:


Will meet the needs of all users


Are produced, managed and disseminated to high standards


Are clearly and objectively explained

Our Work

Prior to 2021, no funding was made available to the Statistics Users Group to fulfil its statutory responsibilities.

For 2021 and onwards, the SUG has been provided with annual recurring funding of at least £92,000 by the Government of Jersey to establish a secretariat and engage with statistics users and expert advisors as needed to support its work.

The SUG must publish a publication schedule of statistics produced by Statistics Jersey each year. See the 2023 publication schedule here.

SUG Recommendations

Under the Statistics and Census (Jersey) Law 2018, the Statistics Users Group can make formal recommendations to the Chief Minister.

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